Canyoning consists in the progressive exploration of a river or stream, braving vertical barriers and exploiting surrounding environment through various techniques and equipment, offering those who practise permanent contact with nature. Excitement and adrenaline are the biggest attractions, being constantly surprised by new and unexpected situations that simultaneously transmit an inexplicable feeling of freedom and harmony with nature.

Canyoning is an extremely safe sport where high performance technology and equipment is used. It is low impact on the environment, interfering as little as possible with these locations. The sport was first practiced on the Island in 1989, by a group of French enthusiasts, led by Frederic Feu, connected to a company called Atalanta that took advantage of the numerous water lines in Madeira to practise the activity.

Today there are many routes available on the Island and in particular the Municipality of Calheta.

Canyonings in Calheta:

Ribeira do Alecrim (Paul da Serra)

Ribeira do Lajeado (Paul da Serra)

Ribeira dos Cedros (Rabaçal)

Ribeira da Água Negra (Rabaçal)


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